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BZR: Programming language

BZR is a synchronous programming language. It allows to describe a system by means of automata defining all (or part) of  its observable behaviors. This programming language also includes the discrete controller synthesis.
For more information: http://bzr.inria.fr/


Sigali is a model-checking tool for synchronous programs based on symbolic representation of automata. It can also automatically calculate the controllers to ensure properties of the systems studied. It is integrated into the programming language compiler BZR.


JORAM is a popular open source messaging provider, it fully supports JMS™ 1.1 and J2EE specifications. Since 2008 JORAM follows the evolution of AMQP protocol and implements its successive specifications (currently v0.9.1). JORAM greatly benefits from the new generation Message Oriented Middleware from ScalAgent Distributed Technologies, an agent-based truly distributed architecture. The underlying innovative architecture allows distributed applications to be connected on a large-scale basis through Internet, enables load balancing and guarantees high availability and flexibility.

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